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Dock Street Studios is a boutique recording studio complex in East London: two pinpoint accurate control rooms, together with two excellent live rooms, designed by Nick Whitaker. Located in Zone 1 of central London, with great transport links to the east and west of the city.


Equipped with a wide array of world class instruments and gear, the studios have everything you need to create a world beating hit. 

For further details, check out the equipment list.

Mixing & Mastering

Dock Street Studios can meet a wide range of mixing and mastering needs.

Coming soon.





Dock Street Studios is a highly regarded recording studio complex in East London consisting of two pinpoint accurate studios, designed by Nick Whitaker and built by the Miloco Builds team, located in Zone 1 of central London with great transport links to the east and west of the city.

Studio 1 is our main tracking studio and the centrepiece of Dock Street Studios. Crafted for recording, it can easily house a full band, and equally provides excellent acoustic control and separation for individual instrument recording or overdubbing. Studio 2 is a beautiful mixing, production, writing and recording studio suite, with a live room, booth and an air conditioned control room. Recently described as one of the best sounding rooms in London, various renowned producers, artists and engineers call this studio home.

The studios are the perfect place to create. There is a wide range of instruments, including an upright piano, a wonderful 73 Fender Rhodes, a 1960's Ludwig Hollywood Drumkit, with collection of guitars ranging from a 1970's 12 string Fender XII, to a 1960's Harmony Hollowbody. This is all matched by our selection of microphones and high-end outboard gear to record it with: Neumann U67, AKG 414EB, JZ Black Holes, a Shadow Hills master compressor, Heritage 8173 EQ pres and 1960s EMI valve pres, and more...

All studio rooms are fitted with atmospheric Hue mood lighting to cater for any creative enviroment needed.

If you need a break or inspiration, Dock Street Studios has a large lounge area with a 50" TV and a well stocked vinyl collection. When hunger strikes there is also a fully fitted kitchen, complete with fridge, oven, induction hob, toaster and most importantly, bean to cup coffee machine. Otherwise, the reaturants of East London and the world famous curry houses of Brick lane are at your feet.


15 Dock street, London, E1 8JN  Tel: 07712556487

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