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Studio 1 is the centrepiece of Dock Street Studios. It can easily house a full band for live recording, and equally provides excellent acoustics and separation for individual instrument recording or overdubbing.

The control room is built around a beautiful SSL AWS-948 Console. It has the most acoustic treatment out of any room in Dock Street Studio. And it shows. Between the floating bass traps, absorption and reflection panels within the fabric walls designed by Nick Whitaker (Abbey Road, Olympic Studios and more) the room possesses an extraordinarily flat frequency response. This coupled with the Shadow Hills master compressor, Heritage Audio 1073s, BAE 10DCs, 1960's EMI valve pre-amps and much more, makes this control room one of the best around.

The live room is home to a 1980 John Spencer upright piano, a wonderful Mk1 Fender Rhodes '73, and a 1960's Ludwig Hollywood drum kit which records brilliantly in situe. The studio 1 live room has a large vocal booth and is afforded excellent separation by two sets of acoustic sliding doors. This can be used for full cabinet guitar amps, or multiple singers/instrumentalists. The live room and control room are connected by a large viewing window to allow for maximum communication between the two rooms, while maintaining the near perfect separation that the sand-filled safe door provides the live room with.

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