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Welcome to Studio 1, the centerpiece of Dock Street Studios. This main tracking studio is meticulously designed for recording and can comfortably accommodate a full band. It offers excellent acoustics and separation for individual instrument recording or overdubbing.

The control room is built around a beautiful SSL AWS-948 Console and features the most advanced acoustic treatment in the facility. Designed by renowned expert Nick Whitaker, the room boasts exceptional acoustic properties with floating bass traps, absorption panels, and reflection panels. It is equipped with top-of-the-line gear, including the UA 1176 compressor, Heritage Audio 1073s, BAE 10DCs, 1960s EMI valve tape pre-amps, and more.

The spacious live room houses a 1980 John Spencer upright piano, a Mk1 Fender Rhodes '73, and a 1960s Ludwig Hollywood drum kit that records brilliantly in its natural environment. It features a vocal booth with excellent separation provided by two sets of acoustic sliding doors. The live room and control room are connected by a large viewing window, ensuring seamless communication while maintaining the desired separation.

Studio 1 at Dock Street Studios offers an exceptional recording environment with its carefully crafted acoustics, cutting-edge equipment, and meticulous attention to detail. It is the perfect space to bring your musical vision to life with precision and sonic brilliance.

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