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Welcome to Studio 2 at Dock Street Studios. This captivating space is designed for writing, production, mixing, and intimate recording sessions. Renowned as one of the best sounding rooms in London, Studio 2 attracts esteemed producers, artists, and engineers.

Equipped with a live room, booth, and an air-conditioned control room, Studio 2 is meticulously designed to enhance the creative process. The live room features full-height diffusion panels and circular ceiling absorption panels for a fantastic live sound and controlled recording environment. The fully fabric-lined booth provides an ideal space for pristine vocal recording.

The purpose-built control room accentuates the exceptional accuracy of the ATC SCM25A monitors. With a large feature diffusion panel and adjustable Phillips Hue lighting, it sets the perfect atmosphere for your sessions. Studio 2 is equipped with top-of-the-line gear, including API 512C preamps, Heritage Audio '73 Jr. preamps, Pultec EQs, and the renowned Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor.

Join us in Studio 2 at Dock Street Studios to bring your artistic vision to life. Experience the exceptional sound quality, high-quality equipment, and purposeful design that make Studio 2 an ideal environment for your mixing, production, writing, and recording needs.

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